Congratulations to the Rays

So I had it in my head that if the Rays beat the Red Sox tonight, I’d write a post of congratulations; that I’d write through my disappointment, toast the Rays on having succeeded in what I think will actually be their toughest postseason challenge, and post a few photos from the ALCS that show off the Rays better than the Sox.  Then I found that within moments of the end of the game, at least one Rays “fan” was already trolling Sox sites; I guess you’ve finally hit the big time when you get to be an idiot in support of your team?  Ah well.  (Cyn, bless her heart, is good with the delete key, too!)  [Edited the morning after to add:  you know, in retrospect, that was probably just a garden variety troll, and not a Rays fan.  I blame the grey fog of disappointment for that not being immediately obvious!]  So it’s dimmed my benevolent spirit a bit.  But I do realize that there are plenty of deserving fans out there as well, and I offer good wishes to them, and congratulations to Joe Maddon and his team on earning a World Series berth.

I’ll have several posts in the coming days to toast my own boys; it’s a fine achievement to have made it as far as they did, and I love the Red Sox–these Red Sox–without qualification.  Their salutes, and photos, will come.  For now… a few from October 13, Game 3.

From batting practice… is that the Baldelli family nose, or what?

Not sure if that’s David Price, but he certainly demanded a high jump!  Carlos Pena was willing…

… but Dioner Navarro…

“… ah…”

“Hey, look, it’s your armpit.  Woo.”

Hope no one got hurt in the pigpile (Jake Peavy waves, weakly).  ^_~  Congratulations.

How many days until pitchers and catchers report?

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  1. txredsoxgurl

    ::long sigh:: We so wanted to be watching our boys move forward to another World Series…but it was not meant to be…this year. We couldn’t will it…the boys couldn’t will it. They gave it their all and their best. I am dang proud of the lot of them for not giving up. Your last post’s last sentence “I’m a Believer” brought back memories of growing up listening to The Monkees. And I’ve got an idea that will take me some doing…but I think it will sum up what I feel. Thanks for the most beautiful way to look at baseball Kelly…well my opinion of the most beautiful way…through photographs that capture the boys and their essence at their best. You may never choose to go on to a career in baseball photography…but as far as I’m concerned, SittingStill has the Best Baseball Shots ever!!!

    Happy Off-Season to Ya!!!

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