Do you take this team?

My life as a baseball photographer started on April 11, 2005, when I brought my little Olympus digital to Opening Day in hopes of getting a few shots of the ring ceremony.  It’s amazing what changes–and what doesn’t–in three years.

Tedy Bruschi was back

but this time he was followed by Curtis Leskanic, carrying the 2004 prize.

(Retirement seems to agree with him, doesn’t it?)

One more of Tedy…

Doug Mirabelli made a cameo to accept his ring and the thanks of an adoring crowd…

… and I very much wished that Kyle Snyder had done the same.

I was asked during last season if I wanted the Red Sox to win in 2007 as much as I wanted them to win in 2004, and I answered that while 2004 was a once-in-a-lifetime event, I still wanted the 2007 team to win one for themselves, and that one thing I very much wanted to see was Clay Buchholz gazing at his World Series ring.

Looks like a good fit to me.

Mike Timlin might have a fistful, but he doesn’t look any less delighted than Manny Delcarmen.

And it might be hard to tell who appreciates Jon Lester’s achievement more: Lester, or Terry Francona.

The Red Sox of 2007, like the Red Sox of 2004, were made up of many faces, many  talents, many characters.  But at heart, they were all our Red Sox, past, present and future.

I loved being back at Fenway.  I loved the Fenway hawks showing that nature’s flyovers are as impressive as those by fighter jets.  I loved the sun, the crowd, the banners, the baseball.  I love our Red Sox. 

(Tim Wakefield escorts Johnny Pesky back from the flag raising.)
More photos of mine from Opening Day can be found here.

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