A quick sampling from Spring Training 2008!

The first real win is in the books, and my login here finally works again!  Thought I’d celebrate by posting a few smiles I captured down in Fort Myers this spring…

Dave Pauley, cheerful even between laps.

Brandon Moss, one of today’s heroes, shares a laugh with one of the college players.

Manny Delcarmen.

Even Mike Timlin smiles!

Javier Lopez, Kyle Snyder, and Bryan Corey make light work of shagging BP flies.

Jacoby Ellsbury.

Jason Varitek–not an easy smile to catch!

Julian Tavarez, whose inclinations toward on-field massage will have to be chronicled separately, and an amused Hideki Okajima.

Kyle Snyder, deserving of a second look!

Clay Buchholz, who was laughing as MDC teased the fans with a ball.

Jed Lowrie. (I can’t put all my smiling photos of Jed here; I’d run out of room.)

Finding himself between two of the best smiles on the roster–Coco Crisp and Justin Masterson–I’m sure Joe Thurston had no chance at all to stay solemn.

You can just barely see Bobby Kielty’s smile, I suspect it’s a mirror of Ron Johnson’s!

Jon Lester and Craig Hansen.

Justin Masterson, after a good pitch.

It seemed like a pretty good bet that Beckett wasn’t hurt too badly, since he left a lot of smiles in his wake!

Nick Hagadone appreciates the fun of the parachute run!


  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Kelly, fantastic pictures as usual. What strikes me about all of them is how happy everybody looks. It’s nice to know they feel the same way about the season starting as all of us lunatics do. 😉

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