A few random shots from Baltimore

Going to ten games in the 11 days from September 1 to September 11–in two states–has wreaked havoc with my ability to get photos up in timely fashion.  But here’s a couple from Sunday, September 9 at Camden Yards…

Clay Buchholz stretches…

… and throws.

Devern Hansack.

Announcing the changeup.

Kyle Snyder.

Two fingers means…

… well, in this case it meant “I’m going to throw it past you and scare the daylights out of the fans.” Note Clay is laughing.

Josh Beckett was the first to see the descending alien mothership.

Never hard to pick out a hatless Bobby Kielty.

Tek with a wistful look back. “Are you sure he wasn’t out?”

Clay acknowledges his admirers as he returns to the dugout.

One comment

  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Kelly, I’ve been slack about checking the blog: thanks for some nice memories of one of my only 2 games I got to see in person. The Beckett picture is great!

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