Catch the moment, catch the light, catch your breath and let me freeze your frame

There are several online communities of Red Sox fans which have greatly enhanced the way I follow the team and the enjoyment I find in doing so.  But I have to admit that the morning after a tough loss, I tend to shy away from participating.  It’s so easy to complain—it’s so easy to propose theoretical alternatives to choices that were made (and of course all those theoretical alternatives would have succeeded, mind you).  Fans who pursue other professions and have minimal access to information assert with no sense of irony that they know better than the actual participants in the sport.  Etc.  So if I do anything, I usually try to be Little Miss Positive…

… and on that note, I’ll talk about a great night at the park this week.  McCoy Stadium, to be specific!  Tuesday night was poster and autograph night—every fan got a free team poster, and from 5:00pm to 6:00pm fans could walk from table to table around the warning track and get autographs from the players.  Tailor-made for a woman clutching a folder of 8x10s!  (Click thumbnails below for full photos!)

Had Hansen sign this one:

since, as I told him, I didn’t get to see him pitch all year!  Glad to hear that his recent injury sounds more like a bump on the arm and less like impending Tommy John surgery!

All the good pictures I have of Brandon Moss

feature him goofing off, which he readily admitted.

I really loved this shot of Bobby Scales

and so did he!  (He warned me as he handed it back—"You be careful with this picture—it’s hot!")

I told Ed Rogers I’d waited a long, long time to get this spring training shot

signed!  This was from a Spring Training game against the Mets.  Mets fans had infiltrated City of Palms, and the home team had some catching up to do… Ed’s walkoff grand slam made it happen. What a smile! 

Went back to Spring Training for my shot of Clay Buchholz

who looked younger off the mound than he does on it, and who was very gracious and fan-friendly.

But I only went back a few weeks for Jed Lowrie

and Jacoby Ellsbury

who were seated next to each other, much to my delight!  Told them how much I appreciated both Jed’s home runs at the last game I’d seen and Jacoby’s brilliant smile as he circled the bases.  Jacoby in turn was amused that I’d caught him running with his tongue out!

Got to tell Travis Hughes that playing baseball or playing hacky-sack, he’s the fiercest competitor I’ve seen.  Craig Breslow, seated next to him, was only slightly mollified that I then awarded him second. "Well, you had to say that…"  (But it’s true.  You expect it from Hughes—he’s a big guy.  If you could envision the buddy  you’d want to come back you up in a bar fight, well, he looks the part.  Breslow’s fierceness is more unexpected.  Although, given that he was miffed to come in second even in my rankings, I may need to reconsider!)

Not sure who Joe McEwing ticked off, but he got to sit with Paws and Sox!

Went with a classic shot for George Kottaras

but when it came to Dusty Brown, well… I hadn’t run a print from Futures at Fenway, so I just traded in all my baseball credibility and, well, had him sign my arm.

Many thanks as well to Abe Alvarez, Jeff Bailey, Devern Hansack, Javier Lopez, Edgar Martinez, and David Pauley, who also signed photos for me, and  to Mike Burns, Lincoln Holdzkom, and Junior Spivey, who accepted gracefully that I didn’t have good pictures of them!  Kudos as well to the PawSox staff for a well-run and really fun evening.  (Special thanks to Brandon Moss for his two home runs in the game!)



    Kelly, great shots, but by now I expect nothing less!

    Your devotion to this team, on both the major and minor league level, is inspiring.

    If I didn’t think it was hokey, I would have nominated YOU for president of RSN!

    Looking forward to finally meeting you AND your camera in Baltimore!



    I just love the pups. Nice photos, as always.

    Good to see Craig is off the DL and back playing.

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