I’ve been waiting

Had a couple of great photo days in the past week, leaving me way behind on editing… but I need to put up a couple from yesterday, when I made the trek to Pawtucket with redsoxchick.  Last time I’d gone to McCoy I’d given Jed Lowrie a promotion to AAA in my own mind, if nowhere else… about six days later the Sox saw fit to make it reality, and for the first time since Spring Training I could see one of my favorite prospects!  How did he do?  Well… let’s look at a few shots from August 5!

Clay Buchholz smiles in the pen…

… and snarks a little (nicely) at the catcher.

One of the dancers in the Dominican celebration.

Knuckleballer Charlie Zink.

Jacoby Ellsbury trots the bases, beaming. Why is he beaming?…

… because he was on first base when Jed Lowrie clocked a home run, that’s why!

That was worth the wait!

Jed was a little less successful next time up.

I’m not sure Ellsbury’s allowed to be so athletic, talented and handsome…

… though young Jed is no slouch there either. (Gotta be the sunglasses.)

Hey, look! Jacoby’s loping and smiling again! Could it be…

… that Jed has clocked another 2-run blast?

I think it could!

Great game for the PawSox, who won 6-4. Zink was terrific, and in addition to Lowrie’s power Ellsbury went 3-3 with a stolen base (photos of Jacoby in flight to come!). All in all a very satisfying Sunday afternoon at the park!


  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Great pictures as usual Kelly: and I think the future looks bright for this team.

    How’s Zink’s knuckleball compared to Wake?

  2. Kelly

    First time I saw Zink pitch, but to my eye he didn’t have as much movement. Only one K on the day, and also only two walks (though that could be a lack of discipline from AAA hitters too). I think Cash only let one get by to the backstop, with no one on. So most hitters did get the bat on the ball, but usually had groundouts or flyouts. Glenn Williams had a magnificent at-bat against him–fouled off pitch after pitch after pitch before finally clocking a homer. (I applauded.) The gun mainly had him in the low 70s with some high 60s; I usually see Wake a little slower than that. He did have Wake’s speed as far as the game pace, though–very brisk!

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