I wouldn’t trade places

Another year, another July 31, another belly full of stress about my boys.

I’ll admit that when it comes to trades I’m very, very conservative, and maybe a little possessive. ^_^  Birds in the hand, and all that.  As a result, I’ve been grateful to hear that Clay Buchholz

July 22, 2007.

and Jacoby Ellsbury

July 4, 2007.

are not on the table.

But some of the names that have been coming up make me worry.

Craig Hansen has had a July resurgence–just as Manny Delcarmen found consistency and confidence, Hansen may just now be coming into his own.  I worried earlier in the year that he might need a fresh start like the one Cla Meredith got in San Diego, but now I’d hate to see him go just as he gets it together.

March 3, 2007.  (I have yet to see Hansen pitch this year…)

And what of Delcarmen?  Possibly expendable if the Sox go after Gagne?  No, please.

I’d like to see Manny in the bullpen here, thanks.

And then there’s Wily Mo.

June 20, 2007.

By all rights, Wily Mo should be traded, to a team where he could play every day without the pressure he has in Boston.  But… but my heart wants to keep him here.  He came to Boston under a dark star, but he has the character to play in Boston, letting the boos and sarcastic cheers roll off his back.  He works hard.  He can hit hard.  And…

May 13, 2007.

… and, well, Papi loves him.

Five hours and change to go…

You’ve looked for something greater than this
I promise you it doesn’t exist
And I wouldn’t trade places for what I know

One comment

  1. bellsoxfan@yahoo.com

    The trade deadling always makes me nervous, too. You never know what Theo has up his sleeve. I was sorry to see Gabbard go. Fine young lefties are not always easy to come by. But he has a starting role in Texas, so that is some consolation. It’s nice to see that Hansen has picked it up. So has our Boy George!

    Great photos, as always.

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