Home is a long way away

For months it was hard to believe it would happen–now it’s hard to believe it’s over!  From June 18 through June 28, I made a grand circuit of the country to follow my beloved Red Sox to Atlanta, San Diego and Seattle.

Those page links will take you to a few shots from each series, though I’m a long way from being done picking out photos!

Here’s a few samples for now:

Tek in Atlanta.

Julian ropes in Wily Mo for a new bizarre stretch.

National League rules are stranger than I thought. Kyle Snyder and Wily Mo.

Tavarez and his unusual batting stance.

J.D. shares his knowledge of Petco with an attentive Dustin Pedroia.

How can you not love Papi?

"I’m not Daisuke. He’s over there."  (Poor Okaji–I wish I were kidding, but I don’t think I am!)


Can’t miss Mikey with his hat off.

An iPod ad, or Manny in Seattle?


One comment

  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Kelly, I’ve got to see this camera when I meet up with all of the SG’ers in Baltimore. It’s got to be the most bad *** camera on the market. Your picture’s continue to amaze me.

    The one of Coco looks like you are 2 feet away from him: amazing.

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