I’m ready to play today

Far behind on updating, as ever.  Last night I made a little more progress on the last unfinished Spring Training game, and while it’s pretty sad that I haven’t finished them yet, it was nice to re-review some photos taken when everyone was relaxed and having fun!

I have some favorite "moments" to look for when I shoot.  Reunited former teammates at BP and in the moments before the game starts.  Players at attention for the National Anthem or God Bless America.  And, in the spirit of playfulness, players goofing around with the ball.

Jacoby Ellsbury

Kyle Snyder (there’s actually a whole series of Snyder at the top of my current What’s New page!)

Josh Papelbon

Tim Wakefield

Mark Bellhorn


  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Hi Kelly: great work as always. I think I like the Snyder one the best. How you catch the ball in the air like that is amazing.

    Take care,


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