The simple pleasures are the best

Manny Ramirez was given the day off yesterday, and as David Ortiz was intentionally walked ahead of Youk in the third, Remy and DO discussed Manny’s excellent numbers against Twins starter Sidney Ponson.  The camreas cut to the dugout… where Julio Lugo, also being rested, was reclining with his head in Manny’s lap as Manny stroked him like a cat.

I love my team.

Later in the game, it was all our giggle-prone crew could do to remain on the air as Manny rubbed Julian Tavarez on his fuzzy noggin.  "Make it stop!"

I’ve added two photo albums with pictures that needed a slideshow option to be fully appreciated, one from March 30, when Manny and Lugo redirected Tavarez into the dugout, and one from last Thursday, May 3, when Manny somehow forgot Coco in the post-game celebration.

Did something else happen yesterday?  Hmmn… wait…  ^_^

I feel tremendous relief.  I’ve been saying since before the season started that as long as Clemens made his decision before the start of the season I was fine with whatever choice he made, and with whatever perks he might get… but that as a fan I didn’t believe anyone should get to choose his horse after the race starts.  And I am on record that I would not respect a championship won by a team he chose to join after the season started–even if it were to be won by my Red Sox.  Call me crazy, but if you want to be part of my team, show up for Spring Training and grind it out with the boys.  I don’t believe the Red Sox need Clemens–certainly no one needed him more than the Yankees–but even if they did, I’d rather lose with Devern Hansack or Kason Gabbard or Jon Lester than win by signing Roger.

And I still think we’ll win anyway.  ^_^

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