An offering for Matsuzaka-senshu

Ah, Daisuke.  We let you down again.

Though I’ve posted the link to the full March 31 page in the last post, I thought I’d pull out a few from that day.  It was the last spring training game, the "On Deck" series in Philly.  I LOVE Citizens Bank Park; it’s my favorite non-Fenway park.  Great sightlines, the concourse makes you feel like you’re never away from the game, and the beer selection is phenomenal (Victory! Sly Fox!).  I make an effort to get there when either the Sox or the Padres play. Seeing Daisuke’s first game in a major league park was a special bonus.

I think I’ll be snapping that smile a lot this year.

Warming up.

I love this part of his delivery.

Waiting for the word from Tek.

And a few of other players from that day…

Julio Lugo.

Dustin Pedroia.

George Kottaras.

Tek with DeMarlo Hale.

Brendan Donnelly.

Hideki Okajima (who looks better and better every time I see him!).


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