Baby I’m ready to go

Well, I’ve been quite the slacker here, but then, it’s been quite a start to the season!

Quick link recap of Spring Training:
March 2  gallery here at MLBlogs
March 3  page of thumbnails
March 4  gallery here (only partial!)
March 5, Jon Lester’s debut at Hammond  gallery here (only partial!)
March 7  page of thumbnails
March 8  page of thumbnails
March 9  page of thumbnails (at the minor league complex)
March 30  gallery here (only partial!–in Philly)
March 31  page of thumbnails (in Philly)

Meanwhile, it was a great homestand!  Opening Day was a treat; I really didn’t take much worth posting in the way of photos but instead soaked up the Fenway atmosphere and watched out for my mom.  (Mom has dibs on being my Opening Day date.)  I made an educated guess that there would be enough folks with cameras Wednesday night to see Daisuke that again, I could just experience the night–and it was astounding to watch the explosions of camera flashes as he pitched to Ichiro.  (Side note:  folks, your camera’s flash does not help you from hundreds of feet away.  Really.)  Thursday I popped over to the park for long enough to enjoy a Smithwick’s before the game was called.  Friday, sadly, an unavoidable conflict prevented my seeing the offensive explosion after Paps slammed the door in the eighth.  Saturday was glorious, my first "normal" game where I could shoot BP, walk around with a beer before gametime, and then enjoy a chilly but satisfying game.  Sunday’s rainout was a fair trade for another August sunshine (I hope) game, and even if Monday’s Patriot’s Day game didn’t start as early as I’d hoped, the Sox timed it perfectly with no rain and relatively comfortable temps for all nine innings.

Here’s a few shots from the homestand…

Chilly and windy makes it a bad hair day.  April 10.

Always good to see these smiling faces on Opening Day!  April 10.

Three bars of lineup strength? April 14.

The knuckleball is hard to understand in any language. April 14.

I’d be staring too.  The Swinging Friar visits for Wally’s birthday, April 14.

When the little hand is on the big hand… April 14.

Caption from Dover, a commenter on Surviving Grady: If Snyder ever gets an AB in inter-league I wonder if he’ll use Pedroia as a shin guard.  April 16.

More updates soon!

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