Lenny DiNardo: I waited for you winterlong

The first real winter storm of the year blew through Boston today, making it that more important that Spring Training be right around the corner.  Post-Truck Day, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of surprises, until word came that in the roster shuffle to make room for J.D. Drew, Lenny DiNardo had been claimed by Oakland.

Lenny was solid for the Sox.  Unlikely that he was going to make the 25-man roster, but he was one of the guys you got used to having "in case" and after an injury-plagued 2006 he looks to have a good year in 2007.

I loved the fact that he was one of the more serious music aficionados on the Sox, playing along very seriously at Hot Stove Cool Music on that beautiful black and white Rickenbacker. And he always took a good picture!  I’m not sure anyone on the Sox had more reliably good facial expressions…

Spring Training 2006:

Fenway Park against the Orioles: some overhead shots from the Pavilion Boxes, May 7, 2006:

May 21, 2006 in Philly:

July 30, 2006 at Fenway:

September 6, 2006 at Fenway:

Good luck in Oakland, Lenny.  Keep playing that Rickenbacker.


  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Kelly, as a married father of 3, I don’t share your love of Lenny in quite the same way! 🙂

    However, on my first trip to Baltimore in ’05 with my brother, we saw Bronson on Friday night, and Lenny on Saturday! How’s that for a doubleheader! Great pictures and post as usual.

  2. Kellia


    If you are going to spring training and your camera happens to spy Eric Byrnes of the D’Backs, the pix would make a most welcome addition on the Byrnesblog.


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