TRUCK DAY! Today I’m starting the rest of my life

Truck Day.  The real harbinger of spring in Boston.  You can have your groundhog; if the truck’s leaving, pitchers and catchers are guaranteed to be right behind!

Since I work very, very close to Fenway…

View from my window

I decided to head over for the festivities!

Not much room left in the truck by now.

But I was glad to see there was still room for the vacuum cleaner.  Whew!

Construction workers deciding we’re all crazy.

Not an easy job to get that thing tied securely for a two-day drive!

Suddenly, to the roar of AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck"…

Wally and the gang!

Wally and crew brought music: "Sweet Caroline," "Dirty Water," "Tessie," "Joy to the World," "Here at Fenway."  (Message for my fellow attendees: it’s okay to sing "Sweet Caroline."  You came out to see a truck.  if you’re worried about looking silly, it’s too late now.)

(See?  He knows.  You look silly already.)

Getting ready, and Wally’s truck pulls out front. 

One last car decides to squeeze down Van Ness…

… and away we go!

See you in sunny Fort Myers!

Billboards on the walk back:



    Great Pics for Truck Day!!!! Love DiceK and the Bonus Tek’s Eyes and not his well you know 🙂

    WOOOT!! is it BASEBALL YET??

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