Kyle Snyder: They say you got a bad reputation, but I know it’s their imagination–you’re an angel…

I was in Atlanta for the Braves series in June when the Sox signed Kyle Snyder, and had to sneak down to the hotel’s business center for an Internet fix to see what I could find out.  I scribbled some numbers on a piece of scrap paper to report back to Beth.
"Uh… he has an ERA for this year of about 27.  Released by the Royals.  Hasn’t won a game in the majors since 2003.  And… he may be starting Monday!"  Wasn’t until I got home Monday night for the game that she other shoe dropped.  And he kinda reminds me of another leggy blond righty we used to know…

Kyle Snyder wasn’t actually Bronson Arroyo, of course, but he pitched well enough for the win that first night and did a great job of describing what it felt like to be waived by one of the worst teams in baseball only to get the call from one of the best.

July 18, 2006.

One of the first chances I had to snap him was when the Royals came to Fenway, and to my surprise one of his former teammates gave him a big two-handed shove…

… but it was clearly good fun.

Snyder certainly seemed a very gentle giant with an easy smile.

July 18, 2006.

July 30, 2006.

Well, all right–maybe he could get suspicious of the camera, too!

More than once he looked like he wished night games could start just an hour or two later.

July 31, 2006.

He had some good innings and some tough ones, but his performance on July 31 in relief of David Wells (struck by a line drive in his return to the rotation) was magnificent, as he held the Sox in the game until Big Papi could step to the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

August 11, 2006.

August 12, 2006.  (It’s clear I’m a ****** for good hair.)

August 13, 2006.

I think Snydes had a little more back trouble than he let on.

September 6, 2006, perhaps hurting before one of his lesser outings.

He certainly fit right in with the hugging tradition of the Sox…

September 8, 2006.

… and there’s a reason songs get written about pale blue eyes.

I felt all last year like Tito and Tek saw something in Snyder that they would want back in ’07, so i was very happy that he did sign over the winter.  I hope he’s healthy this year; we need reliable bullpen arms, and even if the rotation looks fully staffed right now, it’ll be a long time before we think we have a surplus of starters.  May you continue to persevere, as you have through the surgeries, the ups and downs, and all the times you’ve had to battle back.  The fight’s not over, and I look forward to seeing you on our side this year.

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